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XIWEI freight elevators adopt advanced microcomputer control technology. Through technology integration, the performance and quality of elevators are greatly improved and the incidence rate of failure is greatly reduced. With the adoption of AC two-speed electric drive technology, the elevator is simplerin structure and easier for maintenance.

Freight Elevator Description

A Quick Channel Of Goods Transport In The Vertical Space

XIWEI freight elevator is widely applicable for the shopping center, wharf, bus station etc. with concentrated passenger flow. It transports the freight in up /down motion. It is backed by the advanced technology, the perfect car design & manufacture. XIWEI freight elevator has super strong transport capacity. It is not influenced by external harsh environments. It always keeps the smooth and reliable running conditions.

XIWEI freight elevator applies the advanced frequency, voltage and speed modulation technology.

It applies pulse signal control mode to fulfill the highly accurate leveling effects. It is convenient for entry/exit of forklift or small push cart. It is safer and quicker for the freight to enter into /exit from the car.

The First-Choice Tool Of The Economical Goods Transport

XIWEI machine room-less freight elevator applies permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine with small bulk, light weight, outstanding properties. It needs no decelerator. It completely changes overall layout of the elevator well. It gets rid of machine room, greatly saves the building space. It offers infinite possibilities for the elevator to perfectly combine with the building.

Relying on the advantage of permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction technology, XIWEI machine room-less freight elevator has multiple superior qualities such as rigorous structure, durable, stable running etc. It becomes the first-choice of safe transport tool in the factory, warehouse, library etc.

New Generation Of Hercules Of Energy-Saving Transportation

XIWEI machine-room-less freight elevators adopt world's leading compact permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and slim-type control cabinet, can save building space and construction costs, and improve the performance and quality of freight transport.



Environmental Advantages

Environmental advantages:no elevator with completely free gear lubrication design,no need toreplace the oil,eliminate oil pollution and fire hazards,the maintenance is more convenient,to create a green space travel for passengers.


Such Advantages

Such advantages:no gear elevator starting current is small,the transmission efficiency is high,the motor does not need incentives,energy consumption is very low,compared with the traditionaltraction machine,saving at least 25%of the power consumption,significantly reduce the use cost of the elevator.


Quiet Operation

Quiet operation:cancel the traditional traction machine gearbox must avoid gear drive,energy consumption,noise and vibration is greatly improved,to lift the car running to create a quiet space.


Save Space

Save space:permanent magnet gearless machine light weight,compact structure,small size,reduced the space required by the elevator oistway,convenient layout of an elevator without machine room.



● Standard Function   ○ Optional Function


Travel function



Elevator actuation description


Automatic running

When there is no attendant who operate elevator, elevator wi—II mn to the destination floor according to the instmc_ passengers automatically.

Attendant running

Elevator is operated by attendant, attendant press car calls as request of passengers and elevator will run to the destination floor according to the car calls.

Automatic adjustment of door open holding time

According to current registered landing call and call call situation, system will automaticlly adjust the door open holding time.

Door r&-open at current floor

When door is closing, door can re-opened by pushing landing call button at current floor.

Arrival gong

Arrival gong on the car top advices passengers that elevator arrives.

Car call cancel

If passengers press the wrong floor button in car, same button press it again can cancel the wrong register.


When electric key switch 丨s turn off, elevator enters into parking stater it will not serve to any landing call.

Door close delay

Pushing the door open button in car can prolong the door open state for a period.

Fire emergency return

In fire emergency state, all landing calls are eliminated, elevator runs to the preset floor and open door.

Duplex control function

This function is for two elevators' duplex control,it can reduce waiting time and improve the running efficiency.

Double door control

By setting, system can control double door's action on corresponding floor.

Emergency function



Elevator actuation description


Emergency ligthing

When power is off, car emergency light is on automatically.

Emergency electric operation

When elevator enters into emergency electric operation state, elevator runs in low speed inching running.

5-way intercom

Communication between car inner, car top, machine room, pit and security room through interoms is realized.

Alarm bell

In emergency situation, pressing the alarm bell button on C OP. continously, alarm bell on car top will ring.

Automatic Rescue Device (ADR)

When power is off, this device supplies power to elevator, elevator runs to the nearest floor, open its door and evacuates the passengers.




Elevator actuation description


Traction machine monitor The monitor for machine room less elevator installed on the traction machine top can monitor the traction machine state.

Safety function



Elevator actuation description


Light curtain protection

When light curtain is sheltered, door will stop closing at once and automatically open.

Overload stop

When elevator is overload, elevator door keeps opening, buzz rings and elevator stops at the current floor.

Inspection operation

When elevator enters into inspection state, car runs in jog state.


Controller can record faults in memory to facilitate the fault elimination and restore elevator running.

Auto-landing with fault

When there is any fault occurred in elevator running, when safety circuit is valid, elevator lands to the nearest floor.

Door cfose repeat

On normal mode, after running door close command, jf door interlock circuit isn't connected, elevator opens door and closes it again.

Top/bottom limit and final limit protection

The devices can prevent elevator from crashing to the top or bottom of hoistway in case that elevator 丨s out of control with fault. It ensures the safety and reliability.

Down running protection

When elevator runs down in over speed, this device cuts off the control power to stop the motor running, safety gear is motivated to force elevator to stop and ensure the safety.

Up running protection

When elevator runs up in over speed, the device forces elevator to decelerate and braking.

Safety circuit protection

When elevator circuiUs open or contacts are adhered, elevator stops running at once.

Door interiock protection

Only all doors are completely closed, elevator can run. When door interiock contacts are adhered, elevator stops running at once.

Main contactor protection

System detects if the main contactor acts reliably, if any abnormal is deteted, elevator stops running at once.

Brake detecting protection

System detects the brake state, if there is any abnormal or braking contacts are adhered, elevator canJt start running.

Man-machine interface



Elevator actuation description


Micro push button

C.O.P. and H.O.P. both adopts new micro push button.

Running state display

System can indicates running direction, floor, door state, default ect.

No stop floor set

Set the no stop floor according to the customer, requirement.

Homing floor set

Set the homing floor according to the customer, requirement.

Hoistway self-teaming

Through hoistway self-learning, system can measure out the distance between every floor and record them permanently.


It is for building with crowded passengers, it facilitates passengers to register call.

1C card control

All (part) of the floors need entry approval, only with IC card can run the elevator.

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