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XIWEI hotel dining elevator adopts low-pit, inorganic room Hujingdao design, standard stainless steel car and appearance, convenient three-way calling function, fully meet the needs of related industries, XIWEI hotel delivery elevator production process.

The SoiIdWorks 3D model was established to ensure that every aspect of production is in place. The XIWEI hotel delivery elevator has been widely used in hospital canteens, school canteens, institutional canteens, KTV, bars, bars, cafes, Hong Kong style tea meals.

In different industries such as the hall, customers choose XIWEI hotel delivery elevator, we strive to create a time boutique.

Product Description


Xiwei Hotel Dining Elevator Performance Advantages:

The Westway Hotel's dining elevator uses a traditional traction drive to increase floor restrictions and ensure millimeter-level accuracy.

The Westway Hotel Delivery Elevator uses a powerful all-intelligent microcomputer control system to ensure fast, accurate and reliable response.

The Westway Hotel Delivery Elevator uses a reliable electrical configuration to ensure long-lasting and stable operation.

The Westway Hotel's dining elevator is decorated with hairline stainless steel to decorate the car and the foyer, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, hygienic and sturdy.

The Westway Hotel's dining elevator adopts a flexible door opening type, which has the traditional one-way door opening and the through-door opening mode, and can meet the needs of the customer to open the door at a right angle of 90 degrees.

Xiwei Hotel Delivery Elevator Civil Engineering Advantage:

The low-pit design of the dining elevator of Xiwei Hotel reduces the difficulty and cost of civil works and ensures the integrity of the building.

The Xiwei Hotel dining elevator adopts the inorganic room configuration, and the control cabinet and drive system are integrated in the hoistway. It does not need to set up a traditional upper-mounted machine room that has a large floor space, high civil engineering requirements, high engineering cost, and affects the structure and appearance of the building.

The Westway Hotel Delivery Elevator can provide one-piece steel structure hoistway with many years of experience in China, and the high-quality double-sided sandwich color steel plate can be used to provide a fast, fast and safe integrated window-type food elevator. Related Services

Machine roomless(MRL)freight elevator specifications

Load Speed kg m/s

Door Open type

Net door opening

Car Size(AA×BB)mm Shaft Net Size mm



Two Panel Side Opening

1200 x 2100

1500 x 1800

2250 x 2200





Two Panel Side Opening

1500 x 2100

2000 x 2300

3150 x 2660





Four panel center opening

2000 x 2100

2470 x 2560

3750 x 2900





Four panel center opening

2400 x 2400

2800 x 3400

4250 x 3800



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