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XIWEI moving walk uses stream design integrated with novelty and fashion and creativity, in an elegant and generous posture, it waits quietly at each cormer of the city and conveys passengers silently. With low-key beauty, XIWEI moving walk insists to be the supporting role of the buildings; however, its strength-based carrying capacity shows the advancement of its technology, and the reliability of its carry as well as the comfort of its using experience.

Product Description

Compact structure,has more freedom in design

The tread of XIWEI moving walk uses short pedal design, which shortens the space to make the structure more compact. So it not only saves more space, but improves the universality and flexibility, and it can be used easily into various constructions.

Colorful decorations,dress up the space beautifully

The handrails of XIWEI moving walk can meet individual needs of different workplaces with various colors and attractive designs; the front plate of it is made into repousse, which has three-dimensional sense, and it is both anti-slip and beautiful.



Comb illumination

The illumination has been installed in the skirt panel near the comb plate.It offers the lighting for the step and the comb plate.It is more convenient for the passengers to up and down the escalator.


Heating device

Each escalator usually installs three heating devices.

One is beside the host in the upper machine room.It mainly heats the host. The second is installed in the mid escalator.And the third is in the lower part.It mainly heats the whole escalator.


Oil / water separator(Apply to outdoor type)

It separates the escalator oil and water. Rain exhausts through oil /water separator.We regularly clean oil mainly for the environmental protection purpose.


Running direction indication

The running direction and forbidden display mark have beenplaced in the inlet and outlet of the handrail.The obvious running or forbidden instruction ensures the safe riding of the passengers with great ease.



High-tech effectively guarantees the quality. XIWEI Elevator people are engaged in innovating upon, researching into and developing the elevator technology. It comprehensively utilizes the leading top-technology in the elevator industry. It keeps enhancing the quality of XIWEI elevators. It provides the passengers with the more secure and comfortable travel tools.

VVVF variable frequency door machine system

It is dominated by the well-developed variable frequency technology. It fulfills free dispatch functions to door opening/closing.Fully computerized VVF closed-loop control mode fulfills the smooth operation.It needs no position switch.Internal self-tuning function records various floor door widths by memory.It ensures the accurate and proper door-opening.

Light curtain protection system

Form light curtain barrier at the gate of elevator with 194 infrared rays protection, making flexible reaction to any people or objects entering into detection scope, achieving high level of safety.

Group supervision system(optional)

It executes the concentrated control to 8 elevators to the maximum extent. Therefore the elevator in group supervision system can automatically choose the most optimized dispatch. It fulfills the quickest outer calling reaction, the least waiting time, the highest elevator running efficiency.

Highly integrated and intellectual control system

It applies the advanced micro-computer network control technology with the perfect functions and flexible reactions. Intermal 32-digit double-CPU and inter-control of master-slave CPU bring about the prompt and accurate data processing speed. Highly intellectual micro-computer module inside the system fulfills the safe, effective, accurate control to the elevator running. It ensures the outstanding transport properties of the elevators.

Long-distance monitor system(optional)

It executes long-distance monitor to the running elevator through wired or wireless communication module. It fulfills real-time information grasp. It removes any hidden safety dangers in advance. It ensures the passengers'safety in the elevator.
①Telephone network access mode,② Broadband intermet access mode,③ Wireless intemet access mode.

0° Moving walk


 Traveling height(mm)

Rated speed(m/s) 

Rated load capacity


Motor power(kW)














≥ 1460

80000 < L ≤ 130000


130000 < L ≤ 150000












70000 < L ≤ 110000


110000 < 1 ≤ 150000


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