Where is the design of a home elevator suitable?


  1. Hoistway location and space ①The center of th […]


1. Hoistway location and space
①The center of the stairs, corners, and external hangers are all acceptable, and it is better not to block the passage in the center.
② Use the door opening width to reverse the hoistway width, and use the top floor height to reverse the car height.
③The recommended load capacity is 150-400KG, and the inner size of the car is 0.8-1.6㎡.

2. Safety measures for villa elevators
①The active and manual doors must have electromechanical interlocking function to avoid opening the door when the door is opened and the elevator is not present.
②Elevators with no doors in the car need to install light curtain doors to avoid the risk of friction, bumps, and kneading.
③It is recommended to connect the local telephone extension in the car to prevent the alarm for help when a trouble occurs.
④ Increase self-rescue measures and procedures. Passengers are not allowed to help themselves in the passenger elevators, and families are different. If they are completely copied, they may become trapped for a long time.

The maximum power of the small household elevator socket, how big is the power cord of the villa elevator?

Maximum power of household small elevator socket

The maximum power is 3500W, which basically meets the needs of most air conditioners. There are two types of general household sockets: 10A250V16A250V, so the maximum power of a 16A socket is 4000W, but I am talking about the standard to achieve this power. Now the quality of the sockets on the market is uneven; some small workshops are in order to improve competition. Power will cut corners, and the standard 16A does not actually meet this standard. It is recommended to choose a brand.

How big is the villa elevator power cord?

A 10-person elevator requires a 5x16 square copper cable. The power supply to drive the elevator is generally 380V, which is a low-voltage system. If the elevator is driven directly from the pole without a transformer, the wire of the pole is also low-voltage 380V ( Less than 1000V are low voltage).
Under normal circumstances, an elevator needs an independent switching power supply.

①Independent power supply, which can cut off the main switch of all power supply circuits of the elevator. (Except the following power supply circuits)
②The switch has the ability to cut off the maximum current under normal use of the elevator.
③The switch should not cut off the following power supply circuits: a. Car lighting or ventilation b. Car roof power socket c. Machine room and pulley room lighting d. Machine room power socket

e. Elevator shaft lighting f. Alarm device
④The switch should have stable open and closed positions.
⑤The main switch should be easily and quickly approached from the entrance of the machine room.