What should I pay attention to when entering the car?


When you enter the car, if the elevator door is open, y […]

When you enter the car, if the elevator door is open, you should see if the elevator is in the leveling position, or if the car is on the floor, especially when the nighttime light is unclear, you should pay attention to it, otherwise it may cause hurt.

Should the elevator installation and repair unit, maintenance and operation personnel obtain corresponding qualifications?

Yes. The elevator installation, maintenance and repair unit should obtain the qualification certificate issued by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau before it can engage in the corresponding work; the elevator installation, maintenance and elevator operators should obtain the operation certificate of the special personnel and hold the certificate.

What should be said when the elevator alarms?

The specific situation of the elevator should be clarified, and the specific location of the elevator, the owner of the elevator and the contact person and contact telephone of the responsible department, the maintenance unit of the elevator and the contact number should be stated.