What kind of home elevator should be installed in the villa?


The home villa elevator is an indispensable means of tr […]

The home villa elevator is an indispensable means of transportation in the villa. Which elevator should be selected in the villa?

First of all, we are sure that we install a home elevator in the villa to transport passengers, not to pull goods. In terms of safety and operating comfort, we must choose a highly intelligent elevator instead of an elevator.

There are currently three types of home elevators: traction, hydraulic, and screw.

Traction elevator has 3 main components: car, traction machine, counterweight. Because of the counterweight, this elevator reduces the load of the traction machine and achieves the energy-saving effect. It has been tested in many places and high buildings. It is also the main elevator style promoted by the country.

The main working principle of the hydraulic elevator is to drive the car up and down by the pressure of the oil cylinder. The national standard clearly stipulates that the maximum lifting height cannot exceed 12 meters. At the same time, there is the problem of oil leakage that cannot be solved for a long time. There is obvious frustration when there is space for operation, and places with cold weather are more affected by the weather.

Screw elevator, the main working principle is to install a through screw in the hoistway, and then install a motor on the back of the car, and the motor goes up and down along the screw. The noise of screw-type elevators is relatively loud during operation, the car is unstable, and the lifting height cannot exceed 12 meters.

To sum up, if the height of the top floor of your villa is not less than 2.8 meters, and the ground can be called 15cm below, then I still recommend that you choose our traction gantry type home elevator, which has mature technology, unlimited height, and safety The advantages of the highest coefficient and the lowest power consumption.

Many owners of small and high-rise villas almost have a very annoying problem, that is, climbing stairs, especially in summer, running up and down and sweating, so installing an elevator in the house is just like a tiger. The problem is, most The space design size of the villas is limited, how to install the elevator, whether the location meets the conditions for installing the elevator. Therefore, Suzhou Aon Home Elevator deliberately carried out hundreds of research and development tests on the basis of large elevators, and finally successfully developed a mini elevator on the basis of retaining the original safety factor, quality and structure of the elevator.

The location of 1000㎜*1000㎜ is sufficient to meet the installation standards of Suzhou Aian home elevator, and the structure of counterweight gantry is still adopted. Door opening method When the net size of the hoistway is less than or equal to 1250mm, the design department of Aon Home Elevator takes into account the usability of the elevator, so the door is opened by hand.