The rescue method and safety measures for the elevator


The rescue method and safety measures for the elevator […]

The rescue method and safety measures for the elevator to be topped and the safety gear to move, so that the car is stuck on the guide rail:

The elevator is out of control (when the elevator goes up to the end station and still does not change, but keeps running fast), the elevator car is topped. Because the inertia of the car is very large, when the counterweight is supported by the counterweight buffer, the car will produce The jerk is reduced sharply, and the safety tongs clamp the car onto its rails. When this fault occurs, the counterweight is already on its buffer. Therefore, no matter whether the car is lifted by manpower or electric power, the car can not be lifted, the safety gear is reset, and the problem of the card guide is released. At this time, the method of removing the counterweight buffer in the pit of the shaft should be solved. The steps are as follows:

(1) Disconnect the main power supply of the elevator and someone is monitoring it at the power switch.

(2) From the first floor of the first floor (referring to the base layer), use a special key to open the floor door and put a reliable ladder to the pit of the shaft.

(3) There should be sufficient lighting safety lighting in the pit. There must be no less than 2 staff members in the pit. If it is found that it is too tight to be removed due to heavy pressure, use a jack to lift the counterweight and remove the bumper. If it is found on the lower end of the counterweight, the person who attaches the human steel block (commonly known as the bench) can also be removed without removing the buffer.

(4) When the bumper is removed, in order to prevent the car from colliding when lifting the car, it is necessary to have a proper height and good texture at the original counterweight buffer of the pit, and a square with a fixed length and width.

(5) Lifting the car, after the safety gear is released from the guide rail, all personnel should return to the outside of the first floor. Before evacuating the pit, it is necessary to repeatedly check whether there is any problem with the work and whether there is any unsafe phenomenon.

(6) Use a hand-cranked traction machine in the machine room to raise the car until the safety gear is reset. The method is to clamp the reset problem. In addition, depending on the specific situation, the 3T manual hoist can also be used to lift the car to solve the safety clamp reset problem.

(7) When the safety gear is reset, the car can be freely operated, then to the pit of the shaft, the wooden side is removed, and the removed counterweight buffer or steel block is installed according to the original position and requirements, and The pit of the shaft is cleaned up. After the inspection is no problem, the elevator is resumed according to the procedure.