The matters needing attention when taking the villa elevator are as follows:


  "Four Looks" First, check whether there is a "pa […]


"Four Looks"

First, check whether there is a "parking maintenance" sign: before reaching the villa elevator, passengers should check whether there is a "maintenance" sign in front of the elevator. If there is such a sign, it means that the elevator is under maintenance and passengers should not accept it.

Second, whether there is a safety sign: When using a villa elevator, you must first check whether there is a qualified safety inspection sign issued by the quality and technical supervision department, and check whether it is within the validity period to ensure safety.

Third, look at whether it is overloaded: elevator overloading can easily lead to safety accidents. When the elevator is overloaded, exit and wait for the next trip.

Fourth, check whether the operation is normal: After the elevator stops, passengers should observe whether the floor of the elevator car is flush with the ground when entering or exiting the elevator. If the elevator is not horizontal, it means that the elevator is in a fault state and the elevator users should be notified in time.

"Four Nos"

1. No elevator door: When the elevator door of the villa is closed, do not forcefully rush into the elevator to prevent the elevator door from closing. Do not park one foot inside and one foot outside to avoid unnecessary injury.

2. Don't press the emergency button: set the emergency button to deal with the accident. When the elevator is running normally, do not press the emergency button to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3. In the event of a fire, the elevator is not allowed: in the event of a fire, passengers are prohibited from using the elevator to escape. They should choose the stairs to escape.

4. No door opening operation: When the elevator is not closed, if the elevator door is not closed, it means that the elevator is faulty, and passengers outside the elevator are not allowed to enter the elevator; passengers taking the elevator must not jump out of the elevator during the operation to avoid unnecessary injury; The following emergency "four steps", stay in the elevator to rescue.

When the elevator fails during operation, the trapped person should take the following measures:

The first step: keep calm, stabilize your emotions, and don't leave the elevator.

Step 2: Find an emergency alarm device in the elevator and ask for help through the alarm device.

The third step: Check whether the elevator provides a call for help or a distress call.

Step 4: After the rescue information is released, take corresponding measures under the guidance of professionals. You should not take inappropriate self-help actions, such as unauthorized opening or opening of doors. You should wait for professionals to open the elevator for rescue. After the elevator runs, you should leave the elevator quickly under the guidance of professionals.