The elevator is divided according to control(1)


The elevator is divided according to control(1) (1) The […]

The elevator is divided according to control(1)

(1) The handle switch controls the elevator. It refers to the elevator driver who turns the handle position (open/close) to operate the elevator running or stopping. This kind of elevator is rarely seen.

(2) The button controls the elevator. The button controls the elevator's running inner station call button to operate. A certain station will press the call button to the factory, and the elevator will start running to answer. In the elevator running process is small, if there are other landing call button presses, the recruiting system can only record the signal, can not answer, and can not intercept the elevator until the elevator is completed before answering the running landing Can answer other landing call signals. Generally used for sundries elevators.

(3) Signal control elevator. The signal control elevator collects the call signals of each landing station, and arranges the call signals generated by the elevator running direction in order, and the elevators sequentially answer and receive the passengers. The start of the elevator is operated by the elevator driver, and the elevator at the landing station is controlled by the selection button signal on the control panel of the car or by the signal of the landing call button located outside the landing door. All call signals.