Maintenance and correct use of home elevators


  Precautions for home elevator maintenance: 1. Pa […]


Precautions for home elevator maintenance:

1. Pay attention to check the safety touch panel or light curtain type touch panel switch line of the home elevator, because the high frequency of the elevator door opening and closing will damage the switch line.

2. Maintenance of home elevator hall doors and car doors. Elevator faults mainly occur in the elevator hall door and car door. First of all, the door shelf adheres to outstanding smoothness, so that the elevator will not announce noise when it is running and opening the door.

3. Clean and smooth of home elevator car boots. Everyone knows that traditional boots run on rails. There are oil cups on the boots. In order to prevent conflicts when the elevator is running, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cup, clean the boot tube, and clean the car.

4. Tractors for home elevators require smooth oil. If you do not refuel, the elevator will not be smooth for a long time, which will cause the elevator tractor and motor to burn. After the elevator has been running for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time, and the tractor should be smooth and air exchanged.

Precautions for the use of home elevators:

1. It is forbidden to smoke in the car, and do not throw away snacks, fruits and other residues in the car, so as to prevent sundries from entering the gap of the car door sill, causing abnormal operation and damage to the equipment.

2. Keep the elevator car dry. Don't bring moving umbrellas and boots into the car. One is to avoid slipping by wetting the floor of the car. The other is to prevent water from entering the elevator shaft along the gap of the elevator window sill. Short-circuit faults of electrical equipment may pose a risk to the operation of the elevator.

3. The elevator cannot start. Don't try to stop the car from closing with your hands, feet or crutches, wooden sticks and wooden sticks, so as not to affect the operation of the elevator and pose a risk.

4. Elevator faults should be handled calmly. When an elevator malfunctions or has an accident, do not panic, let alone press the buttons in the elevator. We should call for help in time or ring the emergency bell.

5. When the elevator fails to operate normally, the professional manufacturer should be notified in time to repair it. No private repair and use are allowed.