Is the wire rope of the elevator broken?


1. Phosphating coated steel wire rope (Chinese patent), […]

1. Phosphating coated steel wire rope (Chinese patent), the steel wire is phosphating with manganese or zinc manganese, the surface of the steel wire is very wear-resistant, effectively suppressing the occurrence of fretting wear. It is an upgraded product of smooth steel wire rope in the atmospheric environment. The service life far exceeds the smooth steel wire rope of the same structure, including the imported smooth steel wire rope. (At present, the fatigue life of the phosphate rope is about 2-3 times that of the smooth rope. Later, with the deep research on the wear-resistant phosphating solution, it may still Can be greatly improved, fatigue life can be compared by fatigue test.

The phosphating film is 3-60 g/m2. After the steel wire is phosphating, the drawing is not carried out, and the steel wire rope is directly twisted. Note: the zinc phosphating for drawing cannot be confused with the manganese phosphating of the steel wire. This technology is applicable to almost all kinds of wire ropes, such as elevator traction wire rope, important use wire rope, mine wire rope, etc.