• How to maintain the home elevator?

    How to maintain the home elevator?

    Home elevators are not like some commercial elevators, there are special maintenance personnel, the maintenance and maintenance of home elevators, we need to do it ourselves, this is not an easy task for most people, so this small series concludes The maintenance method of the home elevator, I hope to guide the direction for everyone. 1. The traction machine of the elevator needs lubrication of the oil. There are two scales on the outer casing of the traction machine. Open the nozzle to see that... read more

    May 31,2019 News
  • Classified by elevator speed

    Classified by elevator speed

    1 Low-speed ladder: often refers to elevators with speeds below 1.00m/s. 2 Medium speed ladder: It is often referred to as an elevator with a speed of 1.00 to 2.00 m/s. 3 High-speed ladder: often refers to elevators with a speed greater than 2.00m/s. 4 Super high speed: elevators with speeds over 5.00m/s. Sort by elevator with or without driver 1 There is a driver elevator: the operation mode of the elevator is operated by a full-time driver. 2 Driverless elevator: The passenger enters the eleva... read more

    Jun 14,2019 News