• Take the elevator

    Take the elevator

    The elevator is an indispensable vertical transportation tool in high-rise buildings. It is a large and comprehensive equipment of mechatronics. In order to ensure its safety and reliability, the elevator has set up various preventive measures, such as electrical safety devices and mechanical safety devices. Among them, the electrical safety devices are: power control protection device, power supply phase sequence protection device, door lock electrical interlock device, emergency stop switch sw... read more

    Apr 28,2019 News
  • What should I pay attention to when entering the car?

    What should I pay attention to when entering the car?

    When you enter the car, if the elevator door is open, you should see if the elevator is in the leveling position, or if the car is on the floor, especially when the nighttime light is unclear, you should pay attention to it, otherwise it may cause hurt. Should the elevator installation and repair unit, maintenance and operation personnel obtain corresponding qualifications? Yes. The elevator installation, maintenance and repair unit should obtain the qualification certificate issued by the Quali... read more

    May 07,2019 News
  • What are the common safety circuit switches?

    What are the common safety circuit switches?

    Computer room: control panel emergency stop switch, phase sequence relay, thermal relay, speed limiter switch Well: upper limit switch, lower limit switch (some elevators put these two switches in the safety circuit, and some use these two switches to directly control the power supply) Pit: Broken rope protection switch, pit repair box emergency stop switch, buffer switch Inside the car: control box emergency stop switch Car top: safety window switch, safety clamp switch, car top inspection box ... read more

    May 11,2019 News
  • Common faults in elevator electrical control systems

    Common faults in elevator electrical control systems

    1. From the scope of the electrical failure of the elevator, the most common is the failure of the door system and the poor contact of the electrical components. The reasons for the many failures of the door machine system and electrical components are mainly the quality of components, the quality of installation and commissioning, and the quality of maintenance. 2, from the nature of electrical faults, mainly short-circuit and open circuit two categories. The short circuit is for some reason, t... read more

    May 17,2019 News
  • Questions and answers about the elevator

    Questions and answers about the elevator

    1 Can the elevator car overload be automatically controlled? The load capacity of the elevator varies according to the needs. The elevator can only operate within the specified load. When it exceeds, the elevator will automatically alarm and cannot operate. 2 Will the folder be damaged when the elevator is closed? When the elevator is in the process of closing the door, if the hall door touches people or things, the door will automatically reopen and will not hurt people. Because there is a swit... read more

    May 25,2019 News