• What are the electrical safety protections of elevators?

    What are the electrical safety protections of elevators?

    Safety devices for elevators 4 9 Electrical safety protection Safety protection measures must be taken for the electrical installations and lines of the elevator to prevent electric shock and equipment damage. According to the requirements of GB 7588-1995, the elevator shall adopt the following electrical safety protection measures. (1) Direct contact electric protection. Insulation is a basic measure to prevent direct contact and electrical short circuits. (2) Protection against indirect contac... read more

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  • Elevator safety device 1

    Elevator safety device 1

    Elevators are vertical transportation vehicles carrying people and must be given top priority in safe operation. The safety of the elevator should first of all protect the personnel, and at the same time protect the elevator itself and the goods carried and the building where the elevator is located. The hazards that may occur in elevators are generally: people are squeezed, impacted, and fall and shear occur; people are clicked, and the car strikes beyond the limit stroke; the car is overspeede... read more

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  • Safety devices for elevators 3

    Safety devices for elevators 3

    6 Stop switch and overhaul running device (1) The stop switch is generally called an emergency stop switch, and a stop switch must be installed between the top of the car, the pit and the pulley as required. (2) The overhaul operation is an operating state set for easy overhaul and maintenance, and is controlled by the overhaul operation device installed on the car top or other places. 7 Fire protection function In the event of a fire, the hoistway is often a passage for smoke and flame to sprea... read more

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  • Specific benefits of home villa elevators

    Specific benefits of home villa elevators

    The technology of the new era is constantly developing. With the rapid development of the economy, everyone's living standards and economic conditions have also improved a lot. For some villa buildings, everyone may choose to install a home elevator. What are the specific benefits of elevators for home villas? Advanced technology and space saving: The advanced high-end elevator control system technology platform for home elevators is one of the elevator control systems with high efficiency and s... read more

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  • Elevator safety devices 2

    Elevator safety devices 2

    3 Protection against personnel cuts and falls In elevator accidents, the proportion of accidents where people are sheared by the moving car or fall into the shaft is large, and the consequences of these accidents are very serious, so protection against personnel shearing and falling is very important. The protection against personnel falling and shearing is mainly undertaken by the doors, door locks and door electrical safety contacts. 4 Buffer device When the elevator or the counterweight squat... read more

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