• Classified by manipulation control

    Classified by manipulation control

    The handle switch is operated, and the elevator driver controls the handlebar handle switch in the car to realize the starting, rising, descending, leveling and stopping operation states of the elevator. Button control elevator: It is a simple automatic control elevator with automatic leveling function. It is common to have two control modes: car button control and car button control. The signal controls the elevator, which is a driver's elevator with a high degree of automatic control. In addit... read more

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  • Elevator sorted by drive

    Elevator sorted by drive

    An elevator that uses an AC induction motor as a driving force. According to the drag mode, it can be divided into AC single speed, AC double speed, AC voltage regulation, AC variable voltage frequency control and so on. DC elevators, elevators that use a DC motor as the driving force. The rated speed of such elevators is generally above 2.00 m/s. A hydraulic elevator generally uses an electric pump to drive a liquid flow, and an elevator that lifts and lowers the car by a plunger. The rack and ... read more

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  • Computer room fire rescue plan

    Computer room fire rescue plan

    1. After discovering the fire in the elevator engine room, the rescue personnel should quickly rush to the engine room and turn off all electrical switches in the equipment room; 2. It is forbidden to use other types of fire-extinguishing facilities with dry powder fire extinguishers or electrical special fire extinguishers to avoid damage to electrical components; 3. After the fire is extinguished, the cause of the fire should be investigated; 4. The elevator company's certified maintenance per... read more

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  • Basic knowledge of elevators - common terms for elevators

    Basic knowledge of elevators - common terms for elevators

    (1) Increase the height. Refers to the total operating height of the elevator from the bottom end station to the top end station floor. (2) landing. In each floor, where the elevator stops, there is at most one station for each floor, but there are no stations on certain floors as needed. (3) The bottom end station. Refers to the lowest stop of the building's small elevator. When the building has an underground floor, the bottom end station is often not the bottom station of the building. (4) To... read more

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  • The basic knowledge of the elevator - the type of elevator and the main parameters

    The basic knowledge of the elevator - the type of elevator and the main parameters

    Rated load and theoretical transport capacity (1) Rated load. The rated load is the main parameter of the elevator and refers to the elevator load specified in the design. Generally, it can be divided into different grades such as 100kg, 200kg, 320kg, 400kg, 630kg, 800kg, 1000kg, 1250kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg, 5000kg. Among them: the debris elevator has a weight limit of less than 200kg; The weight series of the passenger ladder is: 630kg, 800kg, 1000kg, 1250kg, 1600kg; The weight serie... read more

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