• How to maintain the elevator

    How to maintain the elevator

    Home elevators are not like some commercial elevators, there are special maintenance personnel, the maintenance and maintenance of home elevators, we need to do it ourselves, this is not an easy task for most people, so this small series concludes The maintenance method of the home elevator, I hope to guide the direction for everyone. 1. The traction machine of the elevator needs lubrication of the oil. There are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. Open the nozzle to see that ... read more

    Dec 03,2018 News
  • Elevator regular inspection system

    Elevator regular inspection system

    1. Establish a registration form for the use of elevators in this unit. The newly added elevators shall be registered with the special equipment safety supervision and administration department of the district and city within 30 days before being put into use or put into use. 2. Each year, the elevator safety administrator shall formulate an inspection plan for the elevator according to the actual situation of the unit. And within one month before the expiration of the validity period of the saf... read more

    Dec 10,2018 News
  • Knowledge about elevators

    Knowledge about elevators

    1. What should I do if the elevator runs suddenly? The running speed of the elevator should be within the specified rated speed range, whether it is up or down. Generally, it will not overspeed. If there is overspeed, there is anti-overspeed device in the elevator control system. At this time, the device will automatically operate. Slow down or stop the elevator. 2. Can the elevator car overload be automatically controlled? The load capacity of the elevator varies according to the needs. The ele... read more

    Dec 18,2018 News
  • Elevator function explanation (1)

    Elevator function explanation (1)

    1. Full set selection control operation function 1) Function explanation: According to the selection command in the car and the floor call instruction outside the hall, the comprehensive analysis processing is centralized, and the height automatic control function of the command is automatically selected and forwarded in turn. It can automatically register the instructions in the car and the floor call instructions outside the hall, automatically close the door and start the operation, and answe... read more

    Dec 25,2018 News
  • Common sense problems with home elevators

    Common sense problems with home elevators

    Home elevators are now appearing in more and more residential users. Household elevators as consumables, there are many common-sense problems that need to be understood by everyone, the following is a detailed explanation for everyone. 1. How does the home villa elevator run? The home villa elevator has a car and a counterweight, which are connected by a wire rope. The wire rope is driven by the traction of the driving device (the traction machine), so that the home villa elevator car and the co... read more

    Dec 29,2018 News