• Maintenance of the elevator is very critical

    Maintenance of the elevator is very critical

    For an elevator, if you want to maintain a good operating state, no accidents or fewer accidents, in addition to the quality of the elevator itself, daily maintenance is also very critical. Safety preparation before maintenance: After the elevator maintenance personnel arrive at the scene, they first register with the management of the property unit. And to the elevator management personnel of the property unit to understand the operation of the elevator in normal times, so as to focus on inspec... read more

    Jun 23,2020 News
  • Main points of safety technical measures for elevator construction

    Main points of safety technical measures for elevator construction

    The elevator is one of the construction equipment. The elevator itself is a typical example of electromechanical integration. It is shipped in parts and assembled into a vertical transport equipment with independent functions on site. After the assembly is completed, it must be commissioned and inspected, and reported to the inspection and testing agency approved by the State Council and the special equipment safety supervision and administration department for supervision and inspection. Only e... read more

    Jun 30,2020 News
  • Characteristics of car elevator

    Characteristics of car elevator

    (1) The load is loaded and unloaded completely, the load of the elevator increases and decreases suddenly, and the load on the car is uneven. This is very different from the way that ordinary freight elevators gradually load or unload their weight. The design of automobile elevator structure should be able to adapt to this feature. (2) There are two control button boxes in the car, the driver can operate the elevator without getting out of the car; (3) The rated load is more than 3 tons, and the... read more

    Jul 07,2020 News