How to repair the villa elevator line?


  How to repair the villa elevator line and how to […]


How to repair the villa elevator line and how to check the fault

   ONE.Common faults in the electrical control system

   1. From the perspective of elevator electrical faults, the most common ones are door system faults and poor contact of electrical components. The main reasons for the failure of door systems and electrical components are mainly component quality, installation and debugging quality, and maintenance quality.

  2. From the perspective of the nature of electrical faults, it is mainly short-circuit and open-circuit. The short circuit is due to some reason, it should not open the loop connection or the resistance in the circuit after opening is very small. Common short-circuit faults in elevators include mechanical and electronic interlocking faults of directional contactors or relays, which may cause short circuits caused by contactors or relays; when the main contacts of the contactors are opened or closed, the arc generated will cause the surrounding Dielectric equipment. The dielectric of the component is broken down and short-circuited; the insulation of the electrical component is aging and short-circuited by moisture; the dielectric breakdown of the electrical component caused by the intrusion of external factors and external materials causes a short-circuit. The open circuit is caused by some reason, and the circuit should be connected. The main reason for the open circuit is that the lead-in wires of the electrical components are loose; the solder joints or contact faults are used as the connection points in the circuit; the contacts of the relay or the contactor are burned by the arc; the contact surface is covered by the oxide layer; the connected reed connects the current connection The arc generated when it is turned on or off is heated, and the elastic force disappears after cooling, resulting in insufficient contact pressure; when the relay or contactor is pulled or disconnected, the contact of the contact is poor due to jitter.

   Second, the judgment and elimination of electrical control system failures are based on elevator control principles. Therefore, to quickly eliminate the fault, you must master the circuit schematic diagram of the area control system, and figure out the working principle of the entire elevator process from, start, acceleration, full speed operation, arrival prediction. The mutual control relationship between each electrical component such as speed change, level, door opening and closing, each electrical component, relay/contactor and its contact role. Before judging the elevator electrical control failure, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the failure phenomenon, so as to quickly and accurately analyze the cause of the failure and find the point of failure based on the failure phenomenon of the circuit diagram.