How to maintain the 3-story home elevator?


How to maintain the 3-story home elevator? The operatio […]

How to maintain the 3-story home elevator? The operation of home elevators should be checked regularly

   1. Home elevators have a landing door at each service level. , Car running direction indicator, math display car, running position fingering and elevator call button. When using the elevator call button, press the up button upstairs and the downstairs direction button.

   2. When the car arrives, the direction of the floor indicates the moving direction of the car. Passengers judge the direction and confirm that the elevator is normal and then enter the car. Pay attention to the closing of the door leaf. Don't stay at the junction of the door and the car door.

  3. The car has a position display, control panel, door opening and closing buttons and floor selection buttons. After entering the car, press the select button to enter the car. To close the door immediately, press the close button. The car floor position indicator shows the arrival of the floor and opens the door.

  4. The rated load of the elevator is 13 people. It cannot be overloaded. Please exit when the people are overloaded.

   5. Passenger elevators cannot often be used as freight elevators. It is absolutely not allowed to transport flammable and explosives.

   6. When the elevator is abnormal or malfunctions, you should keep calm. You can call the rescue call in the car, and be sure not to slam the door in an attempt to escape the car.

   7. Passengers are not allowed to rely on the door, smoking and littering in the car, and keep the car clean and hygienic.

   8. Passengers should take care of the elevator facilities and do not accidentally press the button and smash the door.

   9. the driver must strictly perform his duties. During the operation of the elevator, they must not be far away from the pillars, and promptly find faults to be handled and reported.

         10. Before starting, the driver is not allowed to repair the emergency stop button as a normal cancellation call signal; when the floor and door are open, the maintenance speed is not allowed; the trap door and safety door on the top of the car are not allowed to open. It is allowed to use the inspection speed to transport long objects; it is not allowed to use manual doors as the start or stop function of the elevator; it is not allowed to change the direction suddenly during the movement.