Home elevator manufacturers share three do not take the elevator


Home elevator manufacturers share elevators for everyon […]

Home elevator manufacturers share elevators for everyone 3:

1. Do not click multiple buttons at the same time while riding the elevator, otherwise it is easy to cause system failure and cause the elevator to stop;

2. Do not smoke in the elevator, discard cigarette butts or use open flames, and do not extinguish the falling of the fire star can easily ignite the elevator line and cause the elevator to catch fire;

3. Don't play in the elevator. The violent shaking of the elevator may cause the car to fall down suddenly and cause the elevator to flood. In the process of riding a home elevator, if the elevator running speed suddenly increases,

The following protective measures should be taken: When the elevator running speed suddenly increases, the trapped person can press the button on each floor. If there is an emergency power supply, press it immediately. After the emergency power supply is turned on, the elevator can stop descending immediately. If the elevator loses control at this time, the trapped person should hold the entire back and rest his head on the inner wall of the ladder box, and use the elevator wall to protect the spine. At the same time, the lower limbs bend and the toes are lifted up to the heels to slow the impact. Grab your neck to avoid neck injuries.

Home villa elevator maintenance times

1. First, the elevator should be cleaned every half a month. In addition, during the cleaning process, corresponding lubrication measures should be taken to check the relevant parts and systems of the elevator and the structure. Anomalies.

2. For the inspection and maintenance management system related to KONE elevators, daily inspection, monthly inspection and annual inspection should be set up. Only through regular inspections can abnormal phenomena be discovered in time. In this way, relevant records can be effectively saved and saved for the next inspection.

3. During the inspection process, correct inspection procedures are required. Including the test machine, check whether the system in the relevant computer room can operate normally. In addition, you should also smell, stop and stop the elevator for unusual smells or sounds. Check whether the buttons in the operation box and the related floor buttons are flexible and easy to operate.

4. Insist on cleaning the elevator interior and different moving parts every day. For the parts of the elevator that need lubrication, the oil replenishment should be checked regularly.

5. If it is a newly installed elevator, usually about half a year, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil in the internal reducer is contaminated. If this happens, you need to replace the lubricant in time.