Functions and safety measures of home elevators


   The users of home elevators lack professional knowle […]

   The users of home elevators lack professional knowledge of elevators, and there are no dedicated elevator service personnel, and the safety cannot be reduced. It is best to configure them in accordance with passenger elevator standards.

  1 Generally there are two ways to open the door. Automatic door and manual door. Automatic and manual doors must have an electromechanical interlock function to prevent the door from being opened when the door is opened and the elevator is not opened.

  2 The home elevators on the second floor abroad have no hoistway and no door. But there must be safety measures to prevent shear collisions.

Functions and safety measures of home elevators

  3 Some villa elevators have a manual swing door design. The car has no door. Then a light curtain door must be installed to prevent the danger of friction, collision, and extrusion.

  4 It is recommended to connect the local telephone extension in the car to prevent the alarm for help when the trouble is trapped.

  5 Increase self-rescue measures and procedures when trapped. In the event of an emergency, the self-rescue program can be started in the shortest time to determine the safety of the customer’s life

  6 comes standard with power-off emergency leveling function and device. The modification function is to be used in abnormal conditions such as overhaul and maintenance.

How to use and home elevators correctly

When using a villa elevator, do you know the correct way to use it? The practical home elevator is the same as the object, only the correct use can extend the service life. What are the correct ways to use home elevators?

1. When opening and closing the door, you must open and close gently.

2. When loading and unloading goods, please place it in the middle of the car to avoid jamming the car.

5. Household elevators are strictly prohibited from overloading, and the weight of the goods should be less than the load capacity specified on the call elevator panel.

3. After taking out the goods, the home elevator hall door should be closed and closed until the door opening lamp or the occupying lamp on the call elevator panel goes out to ensure the normal use of other floors.

4. The home elevator can only be used normally when all the hall doors are connected, the door open or occupancy light on the call panel can be used normally, and the elevator cannot operate normally when any hall door is not closed.