Four aspects to consider when choosing a home elevator


In order to make life more convenient, some villa owner […]

In order to make life more convenient, some villa owners will consider installing home elevators. Unlike ordinary household appliances, elevators have uniform standards and need to be customized according to the needs of each owner.

The choice of home elevator can be considered from the following four aspects:

Space saving: The home environment can be said to be an inch of gold. How to make better use of the space in the villa is also a factor that is considered in the decoration and design process. It is recommended to use screw elevators, without a bottom pit without a machine room, and an integrated hoistway. Save the cost and space of self-built hoistway. If you choose Bentley's smallest size home elevator, it can be installed in a space larger than 1100x1100mm, which further improves the utilization rate of the villa space.

Safety performance: The most important point when choosing an elevator is safety. Since domestic elevators are installed in private residences, they are currently not within the scope of special equipment supervision. Therefore, the safety performance of elevators and the friendly design for safety protection of elevator passengers need to be paid attention to.

Energy saving and environmental protection: People are now advocating energy saving and environmental protection, and it is the general trend to carry out energy saving and consumption reduction work for elevators. When choosing a home elevator, try to choose an elevator with low consumption, which not only meets the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction, but also saves your own expenses.

Customized modules: Customize your favorite modules according to the architectural characteristics of the house and the user's own hobbies, making the home elevator more comfortable.