Elevator regular inspection system


1. Establish a registration form for the use of elevato […]

1. Establish a registration form for the use of elevators in this unit. The newly added elevators shall be registered with the special equipment safety supervision and administration department of the district and city within 30 days before being put into use or put into use.

2. Each year, the elevator safety administrator shall formulate an inspection plan for the elevator according to the actual situation of the unit. And within one month before the expiration of the validity period of the safety inspection mark, the special inspection requirements are submitted to the special equipment supervision and inspection agency, and the maintenance unit is notified to the site to cooperate with the inspection.

3. If the usage needs to be changed (such as reporting, scrapping, dismantling, etc.), the change should be reported in writing to the special equipment safety supervision and management department and copied to the corresponding inspection agency.

4. For the rectification requirements put forward by the inspection agency, the special equipment safety administrator of the unit shall promptly supervise the maintenance unit to carry out rectification. If re-inspection is required, the inspection agency shall be notified to the re-inspection in time after the rectification is completed. For general rectification projects that do not require re-inspection, the security administrator should also supervise and implement the rectification of the maintenance unit or take appropriate security measures to monitor and use.

5. After receiving the inspection report and the safety inspection conformity mark, post the safety inspection conformity mark to the prominent position of the equipment.

6. Special equipment that has not been inspected regularly or failed to pass the inspection shall not continue to be used.