Elevator function explanation (1)


1. Full set selection control operation function 1) Fun […]

1. Full set selection control operation function

1) Function explanation: According to the selection command in the car and the floor call instruction outside the hall, the comprehensive analysis processing is centralized, and the height automatic control function of the command is automatically selected and forwarded in turn. It can automatically register the instructions in the car and the floor call instructions outside the hall, automatically close the door and start the operation, and answer one by one in the same direction; when there is no call command, the elevator automatically closes the door or automatically returns to the base station to close the door, when there is a certain floor When the signal is summoned, the response is automatically activated. The full set selection control function is generally used as the standard control function of the elevator, enabling driverless operation. In order to adapt to this control feature, the elevator can automatically control the stop time at each landing, the car door is provided with a safety touch panel or other near-door protection device, and the car is provided with an overload protection device.

2) Applicable ladder type: standard function of all ladder types.