Elevator failure, 3 major escape skills to master 3


Tip 3: Press the full floor button According to a proje […]

Tip 3: Press the full floor button

According to a project developer, the place where the elevator is prone to failure generally occurs in the new community. Due to the renovation of the new house, the elevator is used frequently and even overloaded. Therefore, the elevator loss is more serious in a short time.

Therefore, the above-mentioned personnel believe that it is necessary to do a good job in the installation and maintenance of the elevator. "Maybe after 10 to 15 years of use, the elevator must be forced to replace." In addition, she also said that few people now know how to save themselves when the elevator fails. "You should press all the floors and do not rush in and out of the car" to ensure that the elevator stops and the car door opens. Escape safely.

Note: At present, the country has not yet introduced the age limit for forced evacuation of elevators. Only elevators with “energy consumption exceeding the standard” and “no maintenance and renovation value” require mandatory scrapping. However, there are no clear rules on energy consumption standards and renovation and maintenance standards, and it is also difficult to implement. Therefore, as long as the damaged parts and aging parts are replaced frequently, and the elevator company sends professionals to inspect and maintain every 15 days as required, the annual inspection is qualified, the performance indicators meet the national standards, and can continue to be used even after a certain number of years. As a result, some people have already appealed to the government that for the personal safety of the masses, the age limit for forced evacuation of elevators should be introduced as soon as possible.