Common sense problems with home elevators


Home elevators are now appearing in more and more resid […]

Home elevators are now appearing in more and more residential users. Household elevators as consumables, there are many common-sense problems that need to be understood by everyone, the following is a detailed explanation for everyone.

1. How does the home villa elevator run? The home villa elevator has a car and a counterweight, which are connected by a wire rope. The wire rope is driven by the traction of the driving device (the traction machine), so that the home villa elevator car and the counterweight are made on the inner rail of the elevator of the home villa. Move up and down.

2. Does the wire rope of the elevator of the home villa break? The wire rope type household villa elevator for household villa elevators is dedicated to the country, and the state has special regulations and requirements. The configuration of the wire rope is not only for the home villa elevator car and the rated load, but also considers the amount of traction. Therefore, the tensile strength of the steel wire rope is much larger than the load capacity of the elevator of the household villa. Their safety factor is above 12, and the general household villa elevator is equipped with more than four steel wire ropes. The elevator wire rope of the household villa is not broken.

3. Is there a danger of sudden power failure during the operation of the elevator in the home villa? In the operation of a home villa elevator, if there is a sudden power outage or a power supply line failure, the home villa elevator will automatically stop running, there is no danger. Because the home villa elevator itself has electrical and mechanical safety devices, once the power is cut off, the electric body actuator will automatically brake, so that the home villa elevator can not operate. In addition, if the power supply department has a planned power outage, it will be notified in advance, and the home villa elevator will stop running in advance.

4. What should I do if my home villa elevator runs suddenly? The operating speed of the home villa elevator should be within the specified rated speed range, whether it is up or down. Generally, it will not overspeed. If there is overspeed, there is an anti-overspeed device in the elevator control system of the home villa. At this time, the device will automatically operate to slow down or stop the elevator of the home villa.

5, home villa elevator car overload can automatically control? The load capacity of the elevators for home villas varies according to the needs. The elevators for home villas can only be operated within the specified load. When exceeded, the elevators of the home villas will automatically alarm and cannot operate.