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The handle switch is operated, and the elevator driver […]

The handle switch is operated, and the elevator driver controls the handlebar handle switch in the car to realize the starting, rising, descending, leveling and stopping operation states of the elevator.

Button control elevator: It is a simple automatic control elevator with automatic leveling function. It is common to have two control modes: car button control and car button control.

The signal controls the elevator, which is a driver's elevator with a high degree of automatic control. In addition to the automatic leveling, automatic door opening function, there are also car command registration, landing call registration, automatic stop, forward stop and automatic commutation.

The collective control elevator is a fully automatic control elevator developed on the basis of signal control. The main difference from the signal control is that it can realize driverless operation.

The elevators are controlled in parallel, and the control lines of 2 to 3 elevators are connected in parallel for logic control, and the callout buttons are shared outside the hall. The elevator itself has a collection function.

Group-controlled elevators use microcomputers to control and uniformly dispatch multiple centralized and parallel elevators. The group control has the form of program control of the ladder group and intelligent control of the ladder group.