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Human development is in an infinite process, but urban development is in a limited space. The three-dimensionality of urban architecture and the three-dimensionality of urban traffic are corresponding to each other. To solve the problem of urban three-dimensional traffic, car elevators have come from reality to reality. Automobile elevator is a special elevator to solve the problem of vertical transportation of automobiles. Its standard load is 3000KG, 5000KG. The speed is 0.25-0.5m/s.

As an important vehicle vertical transportation means, compared with the traditional car ramp, the car elevator can save 80% of the construction area and more than twice the car turnover efficiency. It is a kind of freight elevator in the special equipment catalog. It has been more and more widely used in automobile 4S shops, maintenance workshops, large shopping malls and supermarkets with parking lots on the roof.

Application status of automotive elevators

By the end of 2010, the number of cars in my country has reached more than 80 million, and the number of passenger cars has reached more than 50 million. In the foreseeable future, it will still maintain a growth rate of about 20%. Among these cars, most passenger cars are concentrated in cities, and become congested with the expansion and three-dimensional development of cities. Therefore, car elevators came into being and developed rapidly.

There are two main types of automotive elevators currently in widespread use.

(1) Hydraulic car elevator. It occupies a place in low-rise buildings with the advantages of safety, reliability, and easy installation of the computer room. Among them, many have cars specially designed for cars, and some have optoelectronic door opening systems, which are more suitable for cars.

(2) Traction car elevator. In China's cities, most of the car elevators are still traditional traction car elevators. These elevators are developed from traction freight elevators. They occupy a certain market share due to their mature technology and low cost. .

In the context of the increasing size of modern cities, car elevators serving passenger cars also have broad development prospects. In comparison, traction car elevators are developed from the traditional traction freight elevator technology, and can basically meet the needs of the three-dimensional development of modern cities at this stage, but in the long run, the layout of hydraulic car elevators is convenient and energy-saving and environmentally friendly. , More able to adapt to the future development trend of automotive elevators.

Company History

Comfortable And Efficient To Show The Business Style

Factory environment is the window of the enterprise's external display image, XIWEI Elevator factory is grand and magnificent and integrates the modern architectural design style, with the headquarter building, manufacturing center,R & D center, logistics center, etc, thus to create a harmonious, rigorous and relaxed working environment, continue to improve its own pattern and provide the precondition for the enterprise to operate efficiently.

Large-Scale Workshop,To Consolidate The Strategic Foundation

XIWEI Elevator has a large manufacturing plant, and been equipped with various types of world-class modern production and manufacturing equipment, including laser cutting machine, digital multi-function punching machine, shearing machine, etc., thus to achieve the technicalization and precision machining, the professionals uphold the strict attitude, and adhere to the pursuit of excellence to work on every elevator components carefully.

To Provide Both Precision And Efficiencyas Well As The Exquisite Quality

XIWEI Elevator has built a professional production line and standardized production system, to ensure no difference in every aspect of the operation, and continued to spend huge sums of money to introduce the robot production line, which can achieve full digital management of the product manufacturing process, significantly improve the production efficiency, and get dedicated to building the smart factory in the future.