About us

Coagulate The Brand Soul With The Craftsman Quality

XIWEI Elevator takes quality as the soul of enterprise development, and never stops the pursuit of product quality. Over the years, it had been focusing on manufacturing technology, paying attention to every detail and forging the craftsman quality of XIWEI Elevator with the excelsior attitude.

Unite The Wisdom And Bring All Forces Of The Enterprise Together

Integrate others' wisdom, gather others' power and learn from others' advantages. The company has an elite team composed by the technical staff, research and test developers and senior experts, and focuses on the team cohesion training, with the bold and pioneering courage, thousands of employees work together, seek excellence and continue to open up new territories for the enterprise.

Company History

Comfortable And Efficient To Show The Business Style

Factory environment is the window of the enterprise's external display image, XIWEI Elevator factory is grand and magnificent and integrates the modern architectural design style, with the headquarter building, manufacturing center,R & D center, logistics center, etc, thus to create a harmonious, rigorous and relaxed working environment, continue to improve its own pattern and provide the precondition for the enterprise to operate efficiently.

Large-Scale Workshop,To Consolidate The Strategic Foundation

XIWEI Elevator has a large manufacturing plant, and been equipped with various types of world-class modern production and manufacturing equipment, including laser cutting machine, digital multi-function punching machine, shearing machine, etc., thus to achieve the technicalization and precision machining, the professionals uphold the strict attitude, and adhere to the pursuit of excellence to work on every elevator components carefully.

To Provide Both Precision And Efficiencyas Well As The Exquisite Quality

XIWEI Elevator has built a professional production line and standardized production system, to ensure no difference in every aspect of the operation, and continued to spend huge sums of money to introduce the robot production line, which can achieve full digital management of the product manufacturing process, significantly improve the production efficiency, and get dedicated to building the smart factory in the future.